404-2431-032 Genuine Trombetta 24V DC Contactor Solenoid

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The Defender DC Contactor is so tough it can handle environments with extreme temperatures, moisture and high vibration. With built-in TVS and wide ranging current capability, it defends with durability, capability and tenacity – which makes it perfect for off-road and emergency equipment.


From Ambulance, Construction, Earthmovers, Emergency Vehicles, Fire Truck & Police Cars, it will protect your electrical system with extreme toughness.

  • Trombetta 404-2431-032 Defender 24V DC Contactor
  • Category: Contactors
  • Manufacturer: Trombetta
  • Can handle environments with extreme temperatures, moisture and high vibration
  • It is designed to carry currents as low as 350 milliamps and as high as 200A
  • With coil Transient Volt Suppression (TVS), the Defender protects sensitive components in your system
  • Hermetically selected to ensure reliable starting operation
  • 100% Continuous Duty
  • Continuous: 100A
  • Peak Inrush: 400A
  • Standard Operating Temperature: -40C to 85C
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Coil Configuration: (2) non-grounded 5/16-24 studs and a Deutsch 2-pin Connector (DT06-25)
  • Contact Material: Silver