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Trombetta solenoids & John Deere Engine Parts Supplier

Looking for the best industrial diesel engine & electrical parts in your area? You’re in luck. At P.J. Power Inc., we carry the widest array of supplies in Florida, from Trombetta solenoids to John Deere Engine Parts. Combine the convenience of your local repair shop with the added expertise of professionals who have been in the parts industry for decades, and you’ll have PJ Power in a nutshell. Whether you’re on the hunt for Woodward Solenoids, Cummins Solenoids, or advanced parts like Woodward Synchro-Start Solenoids and Bosch Solenoid Kits, P.J. Power Inc. has you covered. What Kinds of Parts Do You Carry? At P.J. Power Inc., we have a diverse clientele looking for solutions to all kinds of electrical and wiring problems. For that reason, we don’t limit ourselves to carrying just a few brands or staple items. Along with carrying advanced parts like Cummins Fuel Shutoff Solenoids, Caterpillar and OEM After Market Solenoids, we also stock harder-to-find items to match specific systems, such as the MW Murphy Magnetic Switch, the 12-Volt Tattletail Switch, and the 518APH-12 Murphy Tattletail Magnetic Switch 257100147. Looking for parts from some of the most trusted names in the industry? Look no further. We carry the latest parts and kits from some of the top brands in the global marketplace, like John Deere Industrial Solenoids, Trombetta Solenoids, and John Deere Industrial Engine Parts, Camshafts, Crankshafts and Connecting Rod options. We currently supply some of our electrical OEM's and Farms replacement AVR's (automatic Voltage regulators) for their generators. Need Contactors Modules & Parts? No worries. Whatever your needs, we’re ready to help. What If I Need Something That’s Hard to Find? We specialize in hard-to-find items as well as top industry names. Because of our diverse client list, we care about making even the most difficult-to-stock items available and accessible to workers who have no time to waste waiting around for specific parts to arrive. We also offer nuts, bolts, and other extras in our solenoid kits rather than charging for each individual item. We care about helping industry professionals find those hard-to-get gems that can help increase productivity, boost business, and keep things running reliably for longer. Don’t see what you’re looking for in the store or online? Just ask us, and we’ll be able to special-order it for you. Our relationships with suppliers and retailers make it easy for us to supply you with whatever you need, no matter how difficult it might be to source. 

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PJ Power Inc sells Trombetta, Cummins solenoids & Woodward synchro-start solenoids.

Check out our large selections of OEM & After-market engine parts.

We also sell parts for industrial Diesel engines John Deere, Isuzu and other brands!

Our solenoids and contactors are tested before shipping.

A lot of our solenoids will come with a pig tail to replace the one in the engine harness if it happened to burn up.

We supply nuts and other accessories with our kits where others don't.

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We stock electrical parts here in Ocala Florida in the USA.

Most items ship the same or next day when ordered

We a the Southeastern Distributor for Trombetta

We carry a lot of Woodward Synchro-start solenoids.

If we don't have it, sometimes we can put it together to your specs. We also have a tremendous amount of Quality after-market solenoids from a manufacturer we have been working with for over 12 yrs.